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Gun Laws, NASCAR & Employee Suspensions

Click HERE To Listen: 02-27-13 Paul Samakow

Andy and Paul today first discussed gun laws, again. The Supreme Court might well soon be looking at seemingly conflicting rulings over carrying a concealed weapon. This week different Circuits provided different results. Listen to learn what’s going on…

Next, the BP Oil spill civil trial has begun. Learn what more BP might be facing, now that they’ve paid over $4 Billion in criminal trials.

Finally, Andy asked about the car that went into the stands at the recent warm up runs of the Daytona 500. 14 people were injured. Will they get compensation? You have to listen to find out…

Paul’s tip of the day involved keeping employee suspensions legal. Listen to learn!

Labels: freedom vs. security, gun control, in the courtroom, radio show, safety

Cruise Disaster, Terps Leave ACC & Explaining “Free-Range”

Click HERE To Listen:  02-20-13 Paul Samakow

Paul and Andy first talked about the disastrous cruise: The Carnival Truimph… listen to learn what legal rights the passengers have and what their chances are in obtaining compensation.
Next, Andy was equally as upset as Paul to hear about a hospital that would not permit a black nurse from caring for a newborn… the nurse is suing… listen for Paul’s prediction.

Finally, University of Maryland sports is going to change, as UM said it’s leaving the ACC and going to the Big Ten Conference. Okay for some, but there is a small matter of a $52 Million exit fee… listen and hear Paul’s thoughts on if this will have to be paid…

The Tip of the Day involved dissecting the many terms used to describe food products… natural? free range? listen and learn

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Legal Marijuana, Defibrillator Use & Double Jeopardy Explained

Click HERE To Listen: 02-13-13 Paul Samakow

Paul and Andy got right into it today by first discussing the potential safety and legal problems that now exist concerning marijuana, in both Colorado and Washington. Both states passed laws allowing for medical use of the drug. Listen to the segment to hear what problems lie ahead.

The next discussion centered around a former NY policeman, who is being charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping. It has been alleged that he intended to kill women, and then eat them. Find out what his defense is by listening!

Finally, unbelievable as it may sound, Paul talked about a decision in a NY Court where gyms, despite a law requiring they keep defibrillators on hand and train employees how to use them, have no duty to use them. Find out about this bizarre ruling by listening.

Paul’s tip of the day discussed the criminal concept of Double Jeopardy. No, it is not the TV game show. Listen to learn.

Labels: drugs, in the courtroom, personal injury, radio show

Arias Trial, Pants in France & Free WiFi

Click HERE To Listen:  02-06-13 Paul Samakow

Paul and Andy talked about “the” sensational criminal trial going on now… Jodi Arias, former model, former girlfriend, charged with first degree murder for killing her boyfriend. This case has more sexy bells and whistles than any Paul says he has seen. Listen for his comments.

Next, Paul talked about a Texas man, now exonerated after serving almost 25 years in jail for killing his wife. Find out what happened and what the man may do.

Finally, the last story featured a new French law, well, actually, an abolishment of an old French law. Find out why women are cheering.

Paul’s tip of the day involved protecting yourself on Wi-Fi networks. You have to listen to learn!

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Casey Anthony, Credit Surcharges & Writing Your Own Will

Click HERE To Listen: 01-30-13 Paul Samakow

Substituting for Andy today, Fred Grandy did a fine job, and he and Paul first talked about Casey Anthony. She of the killed her daughter that got away with it fame. 2 of her 4 misdemeanor convictions got overturned. Listen to find out what happened, and why.

Next, consumers need to watch out for new credit card surcharges, maybe as much as 4% of your purchase. Find out who and why.

Paul’s and Fred’s last discussion was about a Wisconsin Supreme Court appellate decision. A convicted sexual offender remains convicted, despite his confession given without first being advised of his Miranda rights. Listen to hear what happened.

Paul’s tip of the day tells you when your handwritten Will may be okay, and what problems there may be. Listen to the segment for all of this riveting information.

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